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                                                                 Photo Gallery

Ministry Ministry Women's Conference in Zambia 173993320 Baby Orphanage in Luampa Zambia Baby orphanage in Luampa Zambia....mothers had died from Aids. The 3 African ladies are house mothers who volunteer. 173993322 235 is Donating Meds to a Clinic in Rural Zambia 173993323 Training Women in Dandora Slums Nairobi to Work With Women in their Community. 173993325 Counseling Training Class in Lusaka Zambia 173993326 Team at Church in Georgetown Guyana 173993328 Health teaching at Ebenezer Orphanage Nairobi Kenya 174262135 Marilyn 174262136 Building a School for the Pokots on Kenya/Uganda Border 174262138 Pokot Children with School Framework in Background 174262139 Teaching Oral Hygiene to Pokot children 174262140 Training at Kenya Medical College, Wubeye 174262141 Teaching Bible in School, Eldoret, Kenya 174262142 Teaching Bible in School Limuru Kenya 174262143 Teaching ISCF (Interschool Christian Fellowhip) Chingola Zambia 174262144 Conference Speaking on Counseling for Abused Women Trinidad 174262610 International Women's Day, Trinidad 174262611 Counseling Young People in Mahaicony Guyana 174262612 Counseling Young Women in Zambia 174262613 Baby Dedication Nairobi 174262614 Bible Teaching Nairobi 174262615 Hosted Overnight in Massai home 174262616 3 in a Bed Was Snug! 174262617 Nairobi Sunday School Teachers 174262619 The Life Group from The Peoples Church My ?Life Group? - A couple of years ago God directed me to a Bible Study not far from my home. It is hosted by a young couple and includes people from all over the world, representing at least 8 different countries. How I praise God for the warm family we have probed into the Word of God. I have been challenged by the questions of new believers, and thrill at the experiences of those who have walked with Jesus for a longer time. Known by our church as one of several ?Life Groups? it has indeed been a group delighting in the Life that Jesus brings. Studying the sermon of the previous Sunday together has helped to fix Biblical truths and principles in our minds and hearts. Together we have prayed for family and friends, for neighbours and workmates. Some have even joined us upon occasion. We have seen the hand of God bringing folks into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, healing broken bodies as well as giving direction spiritually and practically. Balanced by sharing laughter and tears, we have been blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, throughout our journey together. 199713143