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Some of the retailers that carry my book. (Amazon also carries the print edition however it is a longer process to order through them.) addition to those retailers listed you can can also purchase my eBooks through the iTunes store. (If you have iTunes or an applicable app installed of course.)

The Heart of the Matter (more)

Link to buy the Heart of the Matter on Amazon.

All the eBook outlets where the eBook edition is listed...including itunes, Kindle, ect.

Marilyn's Meditations print edition is available here. Use the coupon code seen on the front page to get a discount!

The print edition of Feed My Sheep is available directly from Essence Publishing.

The eBook edition of Feed My Sheep is available for download from the Kobo eBookstore for Kobo and other devices.

Amazon Kindle Store (more)

The eBook edition of Feed My Sheep is available for Kindle in the Amazon Kindle eBookstore.