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I have been blessed with one son Greg, and his wife Bertha, and one daughter Susan, and her husband Jeff. They are caring people at home, in their communities and among their church families. It is a great joy to see them all walking with God!

My Grandson Ben lived with me for 5 years while he was at university - what joy that was! His sister Tori is my one very precious grand-daughter, beautiful inside and out. Now God has blessed me with a home in my daughter's house where I enjoy fellowship with her husband and family. What a blessing it has been to discover Orangeville is such a friendly community.

Susan has a family of three lively sons who are all very sports minded. "Didi" as I am called, taught them all to play board games - a great favourite for her. Now they are formidable opponents!

My more sedentary hobbies are doing jigsaw puzzles, knitting, writing and reading history, historical fiction and Biblical history.

Vocal music, particularly classical, Celtic and gospel enhance my quiet hours. I still play the piano for my own amazement! Zambian singers are the best in the world - singing accapello in five-part harmony!

God has given me many opportunities to see the beauties of His creation. I love to travel to historic sites as well as to the mountains and the sea. Exploring caves or pyramids always has a peculiar thrill! Photography is always fun! I remember the thrill of throwing snowballs on Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand, while looking down upon rainforest and listening to the bell bird. Birding is a casual hobby, frustrated on mission trips to south America and Africa by time limitations.

As a Canadian I always appreciate snow, whether at Agamemnon's tomb, or produced by a snow machine in Singapore to keep the Christmas season jolly! I grew up in the far north of Ontario where summer was a short 3 months and snow could be expected any other month of the year.

People! Probably my Number One interest! Oh that they would see Christ, that they would hear His tender voice of forgiveness as we ministered to them at medical clinics. Because I was a nurse, the urge to bring health and healing is always there. One woman lay dying on the mud floor of a hut in Zambia. My friend and I never felt so helpless and could only whisper words of scripture to her, praying that the Holy Spirit would minister our love to her in some special way.

Those who have been abused have always held a place in my heart and training support people has been so very rewarding, in different countries.

Current ministries: It is very rewarding to engage in a 24-week discipleship training in my home.

It has also been a humbling experience to share Biblical Theology with a group of pastors in Kenya. I am thankful for the support of a strong and faithful prayer team, for this endeavor.

God has blessed me with fellowship in both the Presbyterian and Pentecostal churches, where I have the joy of teaching ladies.

Then of course there is the urgency to teach people what it means to follow Him who said "I am the way". So many have been led astray by wolves in sheep's clothing, not understanding clearly what the doctrines of scripture mean. This drives me to write!

God has blessed me with friends around the world! What a joy it is to interrelate with brothers and sisters in Christ! One cleaner in a hotel in Addis Abba stood listening to me witnessing to some young shop owners. When I was finished, apparently she understood English enough to have the gist of what I was saying and told them to tell me she was a Christian. I dashed after her to give her a hug, knowing we would not likely meet until in heaven where we would be able to communicate in words!

My life verse is "I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live! Yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God Who loves me and gave Himself for me!" Praise God!

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